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PAL Contact Football 6th Grade Showcase

By Dawn Chesterman on Monday, November 1st, 2010 | Bookmark and Share

AFC 6th Grade

 By LJ and Dawn Chesterman on Oct. 30, 2010

6th Grade ShowcaseThere was excitement Saturday Night Oct 30, at 7pm, under the lights at Kriegbaum Field. The Police Athletic League, Full Contact, 6th Grade Showcase was going to be a battle between the Sixth Graders from the NFC teams of the Cowboys, Dolphins, Titans, and Packers and the 6th Graders of the AFC teams of the Raiders, Cardinals, Steelers, and the Bears. The NFC team was being led by the NFC Championship Cowboy Coaching Staff of Olin Roberts, Kyle Hoopingarner, Bill Miller, Derek Burton, and Lon Knecht, while the AFC team was being led by the AFC Championship Raiders Coaching Staff of Kenny Foust, Troy Landrum, Bill Scheiber, Sam Robinson, Shane Foust and Jeff Foust.The anticipation was high as the AFC team prepared to receive the first kickoff for a five, eight minute periods to determine the NFC/AFC Championship. The first play of the game resulted in an AFC touchdown ran in by #82 Garrett Heaston with the extra point conversion by #70 Benjamin Bentz. First blood was struck and the NFC team was ready to respond but a rash of fumbles by both teams led to the end of the first period with the AFC leading 7-0. Second period was again controlled by the offense of the AFC team as they walked the pig skin down the field where with 1:15 left in the period #32 Corbin Landrum drove the ball in for another AFC touchdown. The extra point conversion was stopped by the NFC leaving the score 13-0 into the end of second period. In the fourth period with 4:42 left on the clock, NFC's # 15 Mark Blomeke scored the first touchdown for the NFC with #80 Isaac Haupert's extra point conversion putting the NFC on the score board making the score 13-7 AFC. The AFC responded quickly with a fourth period touchdown of their own, by #32 Corbin Landrum but their extra point conversion attempt was stopped by the NFC bringing the fourth period to a close at a score of 19-7 AFC.The fifth and last period of the Championship Game was an exciting battle of defense by both teams but in the end, it was the offense of the NFC with a final touchdown by #31 Jacob Ruest with 1:01 making the final score 19 to 13 with the AFC on top.This was the last year for all these boys in the PAL football league, but many of them will meet again in battle next fall as they begin playing for their local middle school football programs, as the future of our own Huntington North Vikes football team will continue to be developed, trained and prepared. Special thanks go out to all the Volunteers, Coaches, and Parents of the PAL Football Program for their influence, support, and encouragement these boys have benefited from over the years. 


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